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For me Oshoasis is a real Oasis in the desert of no love. Here I felt loved and accepted no matter what, without any conditions to fulfill. Anywhere (in school, at work, in the family) I felt I had to be different. Being expressive is not good in the world, people didn't like it. In Oshoasis being expressive is a blessing, a gift. I couldn't believe it when the friends here told me that. In France I stopped learning, I stopped working, I stopped living. When I arrived in Oshoasis I was thirsty for love, creativity and life. After a few months here I could learn how to construct buildings, how to be responsible. I could draw, dance and sing again. And my expressive side became an amazing blessing. Instead of screaming I'm singing. I cry tears of joy not only of sadness. I don't fear anymore to be rejected. I found here an Oasis inside of me . But outside too. I am surrounded by amazing friends who wish to know and to throw out all what limits love. Shakti, a young woman who lived since she is a child with a Sannyasin of Osho, created with Shiva and other friends this beautiful place. With their guidance we grow in love and creativity.
This place is amazing : we plant trees, build houses, grow and make food. We have animals, lakes, rivers to enjoy.
And this exists in the middle of a natural reserve, where the existence of nature is almost intact. I enjoy being part of a group which tries to balance the karma of the human way to live on earth. I feel immensely concerned about caring for our mother earth and it is possible here. I am grateful to the friends who built this place from the very beginning.
Prem Aluna, 24 years, born in France

Namasté Oshoasis