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OshOasis is for me the most beautiful place on the planet. Everything that my heart is wishing for comes together in this one place:
The inner work has the highest priority in OshOasis. This means there are daily meditations, therapy groups, reflection and sharing rounds and the most important, there is the guidance of a spiritual friend called Pan. All this is there to grow into a higher love. This is for me the reason why I am here in this life. I wish to find an unshakable love for myself and others. Subjectively this road leads me there. Wow, what a blessing to be part of this creation!
The outer work is one of care for the planet. Building is done with natural materials and gardening with principles of permaculture. Humanity cannot continue abusing the earth as we do. We have to find new ways to live together in harmony with the planet. Therefore we have a great passion to heal the earth and to shift from a consumption attitude to a self-sustainable attitude.
Anand, 33 years, born in the Netherlands