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Oshoasis is for me a mystery school...

....for the inner as well as the outer. It’s a place where I can grow and expand in awareness and where I can learn to approach my everyday life tasks with clarity and a whole new attitude of playfulness.
Until now my life was ruled by a crazy mind and slowly slowly, after the most superficial layers of the onion are peeled away, I feel I come closer to the core: exposed are the mind patterns that create the suffering I’m so very used to. It’s exactly this suffering that brought me into the creation, motivating me to look for the happiness that I always knew is possible.
That’s exactly why I’m here, in Oshoasis in Uruguay, to have the experiences I need to recognize the ‘false self’, eventually ending up with the ‘real self’. Only through being exposed to exactly those situations that I try to avoid if it were up to me, my awareness can grow. Awareness grows here in Oshoasis through ongoing practice of meditation, observation and self-reflection, a mystery-‘School’. But unlike a school, it is not an intellectual process, not linear, and one doesn’t get a grade for it. The result is something more mysterious: a growing light inside, with which even the darkest corners of the mind can be illuminated. Only according to my daily state of mind and well-being I know how it is going in class, whether I’m paying enough attention or if I’m too much distracted.
All is inspired by Pan & Lalla, who have discovered an ultimately blissful life without any problems. That’s what I am looking for. I must say, I didn’t know beforehand what it really means to be sailing on this journey. Waters can be calm, but also very rough. It’s all part of it they say and one needs to trust the process, since it is very individual and impossible for the mind to understand. We all share this unique journey as a group here, as friends, in such an immensely beautiful way. Sharing life, every day, in all its aspects, with all its ups and downs. I have never experienced anything like it before. The discovery of real friendship is the discovery of one’s real Self. The deep longing to come close to my fellow human beings requires me to look deep inside to see where I create the separation. This is the chance I have in Oshoasis.
I’m excited to see what’s going to happen next as I can see that things are already going better than I could ever imagine. There is a growing curiosity to know what the potential is and to go for that, without fear. After the worst has happened now, fear can make place for trust. Whoever I thought I was, I am not, and this starts to be more and more of a relief.

I feel very grateful to Shakti, who has guided the Uruguay commune up to this point in the last 5 years. Shakti is like a bright light to me, shining continuously on all of us and everything around us. It is the greatest support to discover my own light.

I feel grateful to all the friends here, in Europe, to Osho, to the whole creation. To the land, the incredible nature, the animals. I wish that the vision of Osho of the new human being can become reality in Oshoasis.

Krishna, 32 years, born in the Netherlands