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Can you hear the Call​?

Out there, far far out, there is something calling for you…
It is like walking through the jungle, full of life and smell and unfamiliar sounds, and then suddenly you start hearing a drumbeat, a magnetic heartbeat rhythm getting louder and louder, and your steps are irresistibly drawn to it…
...or like walking in the desert, all dusty and dry and hot and sandy, the throat rough as sandpaper, and suddenly you smell fresh cool air with a hint of water, and you hear laughter and singing, in the middle of nowhere….
...or like being lost in the darkest night you can imagine, in unfriendly weather, no lights anywhere, and you have to find your way by groping in the dark - and suddenly you see a light in the distance, a lantern that was hung out in front of a big inviting house for all the seekers in the night…

OshOasis is for me a place of magic, of miracles. On the material plane it is a very direct connection with existence, living so close with and in nature which is so immensely rich, diverse and beautiful. Clean water, fresh and clean air and a sky full of stars in the night are the daily blessings. And it is also very challenging, especially experiencing very extreme climatic conditions without the sheltering surrounding of a village or a city. It is a big playground for creation, for manifesting dreams in matter, for creating with our own hands the place we want to live in, without harming or depleting the earth. And it is such a joy to see how an overgrazed rocky pampa-grassland is transforming into a small paradise… :-)

On the inner level OshOasis is simply a transformation-station. It is the demontage of everything that is so firmly installed in all of us, the ideas of how the world has to be and to continue, the conditioning of how humans are living together, with all the hierarchies and sympathies and antipathies and advantages and disadvantages, respect, authority, lies, deals, repression, and all the masks we are wearing in front of each other all the time.
It is the daily chance to open up again into trust and friendship, to show myself honestly, just how I am, with all that is happening inside, sharing feelings and emotions and getting clarity through seeing the reflection of myself mirrored in many friends around me. This can be painful sometimes when the mind had a certain ideal picture about itself, but it is always freeing to drop all illusions and projections on myself and others. This creates the ground for spontaneity and honesty to arise, for a deep connection to everybody around, for real love to grow and flower.

Osho has sown the seeds for a new, really human humanity to arise, and OshOasis is the place where these seeds find a fertile soil to grow.
I am immensely happy and blessed to live here together with beautiful friends, contributing to this vision, guided by the mysterious in manifested form of Shakti, Pan and Lalla and invisibly by Osho himself...
Parvati, 44 years, born in Germany