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...is a place were friends are living together. We share a wish to live fully and intensely. We are experiencing new ways beyond society structures.
Meditation brings us together and unites our energies. Love and well-being is increasing. Creativity and expression are very welcome here. It's a unique place to live for the ones who are up for it.

“I am here for relaxation and intensity. Being in the moment, here and now. I am here for being at ease, real and spontaneous. To live an adventurous life. To be in tune with existence. To create and invent in Love and Bliss. To sink and let go. To be ecstatic and free. I wish to see our creation flowering. I am here to dissolve in ecstasy through meditation. Experiencing oneness and aloneness. I am here to devote my energies to higher consciousness. To forget myself and to remember. Let my talents grow and become less identified with them. I am here to enjoy the pure nature. I am here to live a healthy, loving and enlightening life!”
Rava Prem, 34 years, born in the Netherlands