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It is Osho’s Oasis

I met my spiritual friend Pan when I was four.
Since then we carry together a vision, the vision of a New Man commune. It went deep into my heart and carried my spirit over the years, over life times even.
When I was five we were joking about living together with many friends from all over the world in oneness.

The vision wanted to be manifested.
It was a burning wish in our heart in our soul.
It was Osho's call.
It still is.
And it always will be.

Having gone through many phases of this New Man commune many illusions have been shattered and disappointed. Luckily. Discovering a liberation from conceptional thinking, as enticing it may seem it takes too much space and energy.
In the story of this soul the vision about a New Man had to collapse completely so the vision could be reborn. Out of the ashes the phoenix got born, as always on this journey it came out of an unknown corner. When the mind had given up, the needed relaxation and therefore space was there so that the spirit could rise.
And it is here now, this body is turning 33 this year and is living in an OshOasis in Uruguay.
Amidst the wildest most beautiful untouched nature, where the sounds of the river and birds are ever present, in the unpolluted darkness of the night stars shine magnificently. The unknown is there that wants to be discovered and explored so that life keeps unfolding every day new and fresh.
So much gratefulness that the trust of this heart could stay untouched amidst the most hilarious and challenging mind attacks and emotions.
In deep gratitude to my master Pan and Osho
They are the guiding lights in this journey of the realization of the full potential of this creation.
You are very welcome beloved friend to join this magical mystery
Prem Shakti, 32 years, born in Germany