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OshOasis – Pan

03.February 2019

The worry free, into the day living of being a child is something, one only really values, after those days are gone and adult life catches up with you. Many duties, making a living, the expectation of being able to take decisions about a thousand-and-one things, findings one’s life’s purpose … there are many things a human is busy with during a day.

It is a lifestyle we all have been taught by our childhood surrounding. Nothing was really explained how things work, but we all looked around as children and as being initially good observers, we start picking up the behaviors around us.

Even before reaching that adult life, I felt already underwhelmed by the possibilities and demotivated to even pick up any of the upcoming duties. Freedom? Just a word, but in the end I could only choose between little boxes in one of which I should have fitted my life.

That luckily changed when with the end of 16, I for the first time met Pan. He was an adult, in a progressed age (for me at that time anybody above 30), but he didn’t seem to live in a box. His energy was still wild and quirky, while being an adult, taking care of things and making a living. He did that, but was not run by it. His attention, his energy source was somewhere else.

As life goes it should take me another 2 ½ years before I really took the plunge and devoted myself to whatever it was, that I felt coming through Pan and became part of the commune surrounding him. During those years, I had been often listening to Pan and started reading Osho books, to whom Pan always referred to, as his master.

Having a master?! Hmm, seems to be needed to make the big shift, I thought. The big shift? Naja, becoming enlightened, leaving that cage of my conditioned mind behind. There is spirit, there is energy, there is limitless expansion possible!

Now, roughly 16 years later, I am still connected closely to Pan. There were phases I had to stray, rubbing of my juvenile horns, trying to do things my way. And all along there was Pan, patiently reflecting to me what I was going through, pointing ways out, at times even taking me by the collar and shaking me when my self-delusion was too thick.

Having always committed as fully as I could to the creation around Pan while staying at any time as open to him as possible, made a small spark jump. It’s a spark of question, of doubt towards thoughts, towards my behaviors. There is now just a question mark behind everything that is perceived and expressed. There is now a remembrance, that I am here on this planet to remember, to be free, to stay free. To be free is an allday task, any moment awareness goes down, mind grows and takes over. But in all those years of stubbornly practising what I was told, with mostly just trusting beyond understanding, my life energy started flowing unrestricted again. A naturally expressing body in an uplifting surrounding with friends on the same journey. That is what this creation OshOasis can offer to you. Just to be in this creation, has freed me of so much, that by now I have more energy than I had ever before and it just keeps on rising. And not only is the energy rising, with it the awareness, the joy, yes, I even feel more intelligent. Now life looks like the greatest adventure possible to me. This is an incredible turn from wanting to stop living before being even 15 years old, to a 35 year old man who is living an adult life and expands into the Unknown every day.

Since 5 years now, the commune around Pan is building up OshOasis. It really is the dream, the essence of what this life has been about for me. It’s about living a free life! Not restricted by people suffering from moral duties, heavy responsibilities, jealousy and whatever else that we had been taught as children. But here, we are not holding down each other, reconfirming that life is hard and you should not enjoy yourself. It is the opposite. When you come here, you will see a small piece of land, full of friends open to each other, encouraging and supporting each other to take steps out of that cage we have been mentally locked into since childhood. At first, it will be a bit scary, but if you can follow your heart, can trust what you feel, the fear of leaving the known will not hold you back, but turn into excitement about the possibilities we actually all have, to live a happy and fulfilled life.

OshOasis is happening NOW!

Looks like you stumbled across it, otherwise you would probably not read this text now ;-)

So, if you hear your heart calling, a call for freedom, for feeling at home, you may want to give it a try and visit us. As you can read, for me it has been the journey of my life. From suffering to freedom, from feeling lost to being home within myself.

May all souls on this planet have the same luck as I had, and find the calling of their lives.

In love to everybody who reads this,

Shiva, 35 years, born in Germany