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7 years OshOasis

Beloved friends,

here we are in the 7th year of being in Uruguay and OshOasis is born.

We want to share the 7 years of OshOasis being born, in pictures with music from our super talented musicians, mixed by Iyolaka (White Cloud).

This spring is an inner and outer explosion of life energy.
The trees and plants are taking a leap and creating a whole new atmosphere at the place.
It feels more and more like entering a jungle Oasis more than the deserted Pampa coming here.

The commune friends are immensely growing supporting the new humanity to arise and forgetting themselves in sharing and caring.

Many new friends connected, there will be an initiation beginning of November, and it feels like an Urugayan avalanche is starting at this point.
We had an extremely full event with being 30-40 people throughout the whole "Viaje de Luz" week. Also the next generation in form of Theo is on its way...
It has been an immense transformative process with many extremely touched hearts and souls, who were just crying being overwhelmed to feel that "yes real love, real humaness exists", here and now".

In deep gratitude to the all.

Serving the all, being showered by the all.

A new humanity, a leap in consiousness in humans is arising.

Thank you Pan, Lalla, Osho.


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