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We practise Osho meditations as well as meditations from various inspiring spiritual movements
like Joe Dispenza, Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, Don Miguel Ruiz, Gabrielle Roth, Daniel Odier, Gurdjieff,
Jeru Kabbal, Veetman, Veeresh, Mantak Chia, the Taoist, the Tibetans, Tantricas and many more. 

We practise various ancient

Healing methods

for body mind and emotions such as:

Holotropic Breathing


Eye Reading

Tibetan Tantra


Cranio Sacral

Free your voice 


Sound Massage


These are offered at OshOasis or elsewhere as individual sessions or done in a group setting according to the benefit for participants.

Every Sunday is an open meditation day  when these sessions are practised.
If you like to participate write to info"at"oshoasis.net