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is an open invitation for a new human and therefore a new humanity
to arise in YOU.

A human that is deeply rooted in the heart and in the soul,
in love and in consciousness.

Living from the heart, is living from feeling, from sensing, expanding to our full sensitivity.

A new human needs to leave all the past and all its conditionings, which are outdated, life-negative beliefs behind.

Our past is rooted in an aggressive and depressive global mentality based on fear.

An old system based on exploitation and domination is collapsing...


It is our choice

whether we wish to live a life
even more mental, a virtual reality ever more disconnected from nature,
disconnected from the body and from feeling



It is our chance now as a species to  become maybe for the first time real humans - a true humanity.

A human who is deeply rooted in the heart and can use the mind as a genius instrument to serve the heart.

Instead of a human who has been ruled by a cold, feelingless egoistic mind, who is repressing the heart, the feeling.

Getting out of a very long cycle of people wanting to be ruled and people who want to rule.

Leaving the dependent child mentality behind and being the Grown Up we are.

Claiming our birth right to be free.

Becoming real care-takers of the planet, animals, plants, fellow humans.

Trusting in our own individual perception, feeling deeply connected to the unified field, the universal play.

Taking responsibility for our own behaviour.

Feeling grateful for the gift called LIFE.

Living the divinity we are.

Out of deep gratitude we learn to give back, we learn to care.

Being the blissful ecstatic being we truly are.

We are part of an electro-magnetic universal field.

The eternal play of light and darkness.

Life evolving, enjoying to express itself in multidimensional forms....


The old is dying so that the new is born!

A wake up call for humans, a opportunity that can lift us to a much more conscious, loving, sensitive dimension.


Prem Shakti