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Music comes next to silence

It is our intention to make music from the heart. It is a call for all the hearts in the audience to swing together in the same harmony. Our music vibrates with joy and creativity. It expresses the love for nature and it takes you into a state of meditation. The Indian mystic Osho said that music comes the closest to meditation. In the east musicians play music especially to create an atmosphere for meditation. We love to play a fusion of modern music and meditative music. Therefore we combine traditional instruments with modern instruments. This gives our music a unique flavour. It is an interactive concert. This implies that the audience is sometimes invited to use their voice.
We offer music therapy to support friends to Free your voice and disappear into the silence of sound.


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OshOasis Studio opens its doors!
"In the middle of Quebrada de los Cuervos surrounded by nature in a spiritual community, what could be better for inspiration and relaxation. A unique experience combining meditation, nature and musical production; giving your full potential the chance to express itself and be recorded!"



cd_centering-meditation cd_tantric-meditation

Sacred Meditation

designed by Pan
6 stages of
"Om mani padme hum" singing,
silence and listening.

Centering Meditation

designed by Lalla
4 Stages consisting of
stretching the body with the breath,
vipassana walking, whirling
and silence.

Tantric meditation

designed by Pan
A couple meditation of 4 stages.
Breathing chaotically while looking into each others eyes, swaying together in yab yum position, holding hands in a circle and silence.

cd_sounds-of-emptiness cd_eternal-source cd_wftu_cover

Sounds of emptiness

Meditation music
Koto: Lalla, Piano: Jwala Danu, Flute: Parvati

 The eternal source

Meditation music
Koto: Lalla, Piano: Jwala Danu, Flute: Parvati

Whispers from the unknown

Poetry and music
published by friends of Pan

 If you would like to buy a CD or have the music file sent to you by e-mail please contact info"at"oshoasis.net