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Transcending Fear - Living in Trust

The world as we know it is changing dramatically. The old world is falling apart. All over the planet the signs of crisis are obvious, on all levels of life. Civilizations arose out of fear of survival. Our current global civilization is the most fearful civilization up to now. The so-called corona crisis exposes the basic fear of humans, the fear of dying, in drastic ways.
The majority of people is caught in the conceptual world that the mind projects. This projection results in the perception of being separate from the whole creation. In other words, one feels separate from nature and other people. The perception of separation is the breeding ground for fear.
This basic fear results in feeling weak, lonely, isolated, lost, helpless, etc. From the psychological point of view almost everybody is more or less stuck in a not-updated subconscious childish state of mind. This means that people relive, again and again, without noticing, the same emotional survival traumas they experienced when they were small. Depending on the individual impressions it can start already in the womb. If it went all well there, the birth is the next station where things can turn out traumatic. If the birth went well, the whole story after birth, especially the first seven years will have an immense impact on our subconscious script, which will then be the script for our further life. At this point I would like to point out the work of Stan and Christine Grof and their research into the strong influences on our life of impressions before birth, during birth and after birth. The other great insights about how individual matrices are created come from Jeru Kabbal’s work on the subconscious scripts that rule everyone’s life until consciously updated. On an even deeper level, or call it bigger picture, karmic impressions, also known as past lives, have created the blue print for everybody’s story. The work of Brian Weiss on regression into past lives provides an astonishing insight into how everything is connected.
Now back to our current situation on this planet in our time.

Seen in this light, from this background, one cannot be surprised by what is happening in this world. People in the psychological state of infants rule the world or, in other words, children rule children, and they have one thing in common, fear.
When someone is in the grip of fear, a complete loss of reality and common sense is the follow-up. The actual world situation is the best example. What is sold by the media and the politicians as a pandemic mushrooms every day in more and more absurdities. History has shown so many times that fear creates stupidity, obedience and submission. Very tempting for power-hungry leaders who themselves also suffer to be ruled by a traumatic not-updated subconscious script. Anyway, the ambition for power clearly shows an immense inferiority complex, which is a suffering in itself. The fear state of the mind wants security, because in the subconscious it’s still struggling for survival. This unconscious state seeks security in money, that is to say profit at any cost, and power, that is to say leading positions, control and respect. Well, here we go, the unholy trinity – politics, money (big corporations, banks, etc.) and the various organized religions – that always worked together and still does. The whole old system which the fear mind has created in this world. Everyone who has made an effort to observe the mind can clearly see that we create what we fear. The quantum field, or call it existence, just responds to our mind waves and manifests accordingly. The good news is that existence, or call it the universe, stays in balance. Every day also many intelligent, creative and beautiful things happen on this planet, which never make it to our mad,paranoid, fear-oriented mainstream media. This time of information is a double- edged sword. On the one hand it offers a great opportunity to learn, to expand in consciousness and on the other hand it unleashes a great wave of confusion,known as fake news.



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